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Fir Tree Branch

Video Tutorial

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We will need:
Wire (about 0.5mm thick, length depends on preference)
4cm wide strips of dark green card
Brown tissue paper
A pencil
A ruler
Wire cutters
Paper trimmer (optional)

More ideas

I have made some origami decorations from my own designs and hung them on the branch. This would look lovely as a table centre piece.

Handmade Christmas Tree Branch with Origami Decorations

I made many branches and joined them together to make this wreath. It took three pieces of A3 card to make. I used 3cm strips for the needles.

Handmade Paper Christmas Wreath

I made this small Christmas tree which is very simple and elegant. It took 1 sheet of A3 card to make the needles. I made the needles all the same size and trimmed them when the tree was finished. The height of the whole tree is 36cm.

Handmade Paper Christmas Tree

Some years ago I wanted to make my own Christmas tree and designed the method, which is in my tutorial. I made the top branches smaller and increased the size for the lower branches. The trunk is made from cardboard tubes. The tree is about 70cm tall. It is still in my home and this is how it looks now. If the wire is thin and the branches are long, they may not be able to hold themselves up. Shorter branches stay up better. Needles made from cardboard are stronger than needles made from paper.

Handmade Paper Christmas Tree

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